Pink floral fascinator

Apparently the latest TikTok trend is for today’s women to reclaim the once derogatory term “bimbo”.

It now epitomises femininity, beautiful clothes and in the words of one “influencer” the term means someone who wants to ‘celebrate and appreciate their own hyper-femininity which they express in their own, special way’.  And pink is the de rigueur colour for clothes and accessories for this new take on our favourite colour palette.

Well at Simply Devine, we may not be the TikTok generation, and certainly don’t appreciate the “bimbo” tag, but pink hats and fascinators have always been a style staple for mothers of the bride or groom.

And fashion forward pundits for 2023 are showing a variety of pale pinks for the next wedding season, but for us – pink has always been one of our favourites and has never gone out of fashion.

Just take a look at this year’s Platinum Jubilee and the outfits worn by the royal family, as an example.  The Duchess of Cambridge wore a deep pink dress for a balcony appearance (without a hat it should be noted). And as always, she looks just fabulous!

Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne wore a striking shocking pink dress with a lilac and pink pillbox, and was pictured alongside Lady Frederick Windsor, also wearing a lovely deep shade of pink with a matching band.

But pink isn’t just for royalty.  We have lots of satisfied customers who have chosen pink for their special occasion.  From pale or baby pinks, dusky pinks, rose pinks, berry pink through to fuchsia and hot pink, we have hats, fascinators and hatinators in every shade of pink – and so many other colours.

From our signature look – seen on Karen, to our more extravagant hatinator (below Karen) which Linda wore for her daughter’s wedding, to the fun headpiece worn by Ruth.

If you’re going to Royal Ascot – whether you’re wearing pink or not – there’s still time to drop in and get ahead.  Personal appointments are available until 10 pm this week.  Just call the shop on 01937 836068 or call Liz direct on 07968 268403.