If the cap fits (don’t wear it if it doesn’t suit you!)

Mother of the bride hats and fascinators

We’ve previously talked about hair colour, height and body shape when buying a hat or fascinator, but you may also want to take your face shape into consideration when choosing the perfect headwear.

Petite features and heart shaped faces suit small, neat fascinators which show off your face rather than hiding it under a large brim. Our signature fascinator is just perfect – small and neat with just a touch of drama to add glamour, and it comes in a variety of colours to match virtually any outfit.

Caraibe Blue mother of the bride/groom fascinator
Caraibe blue fascinator

A long face, particularly on a taller lady would suit a wide brim, especially one which is slightly downturned. We have in stock this beautiful wide-brimmed hatinator, which is reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.  Ours is in silver with a beautiful aqua silk bow, but we have a choice of other styles and colours.

Mother of the Bride hat
Stunning Mother of the Bride hatinator created to match and Ian Stuart outfit

For those ladies with a cheery round face, an upturned brim, sweeping off the face, but with feathers or flowers to add interest would be perfect.  Our lovely silk hat comes in pink, white or black.

Pink Satin Mother of the Bride Hat
Gorgeous mother of the bride pink hat

For a square shaped face, choose a hatinator with detailing next to your skin to soften the outline. Find a piece with trailing feathers, 360 degree trim or veiling pulled to the side, which will add interest and sophistication.

Mother of the Bride hhats Women's fascinators
Lovely lime green hatinator

At the Simply Devine Hat Shop, our signature hatinator has been designed to suit most ladies – large or small, round, long or wide face, and those petite ladies too.  We have a huge selection of popular and current fashion colours and even some with contrasting trims to ensure a perfect match to your outfit.

With 17 years’ experience, we at Simply Devine in Tadcaster, can help you choose the perfect design for you. As we’ve said before, though, it is always advisable to try on your dress with your hat –  most ladies, with a little help from us, will just know when they’ve found “the one”.

Dark Dusky Pink Mother of the Bride/Groom hatinator
Our signature hatinator – especially dyed for our customer Mary!
Beautiful navy and hot pink Mother of the Bride/Groom hatinator
Our signature hatinator -with trim available in any colour