“I don’t wear hats!”

Mother of the bride hats and fascinators

With more than 17 years’ experience in the millinery business, we can almost guarantee that when a customer walks through the door, they are most likely to say “I don’t wear hats!”

In this country, we have certainly got out of the habit of wearing hats – unless it’s freezing cold out, or we’re going to a wedding or the races.

The thing is – most women are slightly out of their comfort zone when it comes to choosing a hat.  If it’s for a family wedding – often mother of the bride or bridegroom – they want to look fabulous, since they will be immortalised on the pictures forever – but don’t really know where to start.

Mums will happily spend £800+ on a special dress, but then they don’t know where to start with a hat or fascinator, often telling us they won’t wear it again.

If you’re nervous about wearing a hat, hatinator (like a fascinator but on a bigger band and with more decoration) or a fascinator, you can stick to some basic rules when buying.

While it’s always fun to choose a colourful head-piece to match a dress, there are some shades which you can guarantee you will wear again.

Black mother of the bride/groom hatinator
Beautiful black pleated crin hatinator

Black is always a great buy – even for a wedding.  Black is a fail-safe for accessories and most outfits are fine teamed with black shoes and clutch bag.  Black and white is just fabulous, but hot pink or lime green are also great with black accessories. Our crin fascinators are light and easy to wear so won’t look out of place with a summer dress.

Pillbox or Race day ladies fascinator
Pillbox or Race day ladies fascinator

If black isn’t for you, our pastel shades of cream, silver, or even white will tone perfectly with almost any shade.  The only thing to be aware of here is the colour of your own hair – be careful that a silver fascinator on silver hair might make you look a little pasty.  We have various shades of cream, champagne, almond, buff or latte which would complement most outfits, particularly if your dress has a pale background.

Mother of the bride Hats
This fabulous hatinator has it all and is trimmed with veiling, silk flowers and feathers.

White, of course, would also go with many outfits, but a word of warning – don’t choose anything too bridal.  Many lovely summer prints, however, have a white background, so you should be safe with a white fascinator and instead match your shoes/bag to the print.

Bridal hat
Wedding White Bridal Headwear

Of course we have many other shades in stock – and it’s amazing how many different shades of each colour are available.  Think pink! We have pale pink, baby pink, pearl pink, dusky pink, hot pink, fuchsia pink, lipstick pink and rose pink – to name a few!

Ladies hats and fascinators
Fabulous mother of the bride statement hatinator

And don’t get the blues over our shades – ice blue, pale blue, baby blue, bluebell, royal blue, cobalt blue, ribbon blue, navy blue and dark navy blue – something in every hue!

Bluebell mother of the bride/groom  hatinator
Beautiful sinamay hatinator wonderfully trimmed with crin and silk

Whatever you’re looking for – style, colour or fit, it is rare that we cannot find something to suit you!