Goodbye to large weddings 2020

Women's fascinators
Emerald Green pillbox

Once again the wedding industry is hit by restrictions on the size of wedding receptions, leaving many brides and bridegrooms frustrated with the changing rules due to social distancing to halt the spread of the pandemic.

But there are couples who simply just want to get married in front of their closest family members. Princess Beatrice and her new husband did this beautifully – she borrowed Granny’s dress and tiara, ditched the reception and married the man she loves. I’m sure once things eventually return to normal, they will have a huge reception with all of their friends, and maybe she will wear the original designer dress she was planning to wear.

So if the plan is to strip everything right down to basics, there are ways to still look amazing. Mums of the bride and groom also usually go all out to look amazing on their daughter or son’s big day. For us, there is one mantra which we always abide by – Keep it Simple!

If you’re going ahead with getting married, our advice is to save the fancy dress for the time when you can show it off to all your relatives and friends at a proper reception party, and keep the actual ceremony uncomplicated for the time being. Wear your favourite dress from your existing wardrobe, and buy new accessories such as shoes, handbag and hat, but keep it simple.

This beautiful hot pink pillbox will complement your outfit
Small is beautiful with this tiny fascinator on a slim band

While tiaras are in short supply at Simply Devine (although we have a few tucked away), we also have some pretty headwear for a low-key bride.

Our beautiful bridal headband – fabulous for a bride or a bridesmaid

Whatever you’re looking for, the Simply Devine team can advise how to make the most of your pared-down wedding, and look forward to helping you to make your day special during these difficult and unprecedented times.