Mother of the bride hats
We are looking at designing our new 2022 hat collection, so the first thing we need to do is look at what colours the fashion houses are promoting in their current shows. Mothers of the bride or groom can choose their outfits from many of the retailers – including ourselves – on the high street, or from special occasion boutiques.  Always popular are the pastel shades of pink, blue and cream, so our hat styles will always complement those shades. However, every year, there will be a variation on colours and 2022 promises the usual classics, but also some vibrant colours and even an interesting twist with the introduction of a pale olive or sage shade. Next Spring/Summer also sees some new vibrant shades of orchid, mango, Atlantic blue and turquoise/teal – all of which we have in stock at Simply Devine, but using our own names – berry, banana, deep cornflower and aqua.
mother of the bride hats and fascinators
Effervescent teal/turquoise ladies fascinator.
Our ever-popular signature styles will still include baby pink, pale blue, champagne and new for 2022 is the fashion shade of “butter” which we call “double cream.” Black and white will always be a classic too.
Champagne Mother of the Bride/Groom Hatinator
Our signature hatinator in champagne
It’s safe to say that we absolutely love colour, here at Simply Devine HQ.  Our hat shop is an explosion of colour, with every shade under the sun.  Our own wardrobes also reflect our love of colour, as does our own collection of made-to-measure special occasion wear. However, we will be looking at some new designs, created by owner Liz Devine-Wright.  We always create a fairly outrageous piece to use in our marketing (and which we always sell!), but we stick with some of our classic pieces, as well as creating new, more modern fashion headwear with our younger race-goer in mind.
Women's fascinators
Black Royal Ascot hatinator
Liz will look at trends and then, with our more typical mother of the bride or groom customer in mind, will create designs which will flatter every body shape, hair colour and skin tone.  As we’ve said before, one size does not fit all when it comes to ladies’ hats and fascinators.  Size matters – a large hat can swamp a petite lady, while a small fascinator can make a curvier lady look like a Christmas tree with the fairy just plonked on her head as an afterthought. We are not a mass-producer, and as well as Liz’s shop, we sell our designs exclusively to small boutiques up and down the country, so you’re unlikely to bump into someone wearing the same hat. So, for the next couple of months, the creative juices will be flowing as we create our exciting new colour collection for 2022. We will be showcasing early next year….