Mothers and Daughters

Ladies hats and fascinators

Choosing a wedding dress and accessories for the big day has always been an opportunity for the bridesmaids and mother of the bride to bond.  It is usually accompanied by glasses of champagne and a few tears as the bride finds her magical dress.

The same was always the case for the mother of the bride’s outfit and wedding hat.  Interestingly, daughters are just as critical of Mum’s outfit choices.  We have hidden a wry smile many a time when the mother of the bride has found the perfect hat or fascinator to match or complement her outfit, only for the daughter to override her because she doesn’t like it.

Our versatile crin headpiece (above) is also available in other colours here.

Mum nearly always gives in. since it is the bride’s day, and what the bride wants, the bride usually gets.

Mostly however, it is an opportunity for the bride and her mum to spend some quality time together, possibly for the last time, as she moves out of the family home (if she hasn’t already done so).

It is interesting to watch the dynamic between mums and their daughters as they prepare to cut the apron strings.  We always advise our customer Mums to wear an outfit in a colour they know suits them – after all, most have spent 40 or 50 years choosing outfits, so they mostly know what suits them.

Understandably, brides often want their mums to complement her colour scheme, which means she might end up wearing a colour which doesn’t do her justice on the big day.

Our gorgeous mother of the bride, Linda, is wearing one of our statement hatinators in pink, which is now sold out. However, we have the same piece here in different colours.

At Simply Devine, we have 17 years’ experience in helping mothers and grannies of the bride, wedding guests, race goers and royal garden party guests to choose a hat to complement a fabulous outfit.

It is our mission in life to make them look and feel a million dollars, so we welcome mums and grannies with their daughters, god-daughters and grand-daughters into our shop and hope they leave the Simply Devine hat shop feeling they’ve had a fabulous hat experience.

With thanks to our fabulous mothers of the bride customers – who all look amazing!