Mother of the Bride hats
We always tell our customers to bring their entire outfit when they come to visit us for their wedding headwear. And so many times they tell us they “don’t wear hats” or “I’m not a hat person”.  But when it’s their daughter or son’s wedding, they want to look fabulous but don’t know where to start. And when you’re in the main bridal party, it’s important to set the standard and look fabulous, otherwise you will just get lost in the crowd – or even worse, be overshadowed by one of the guests. Our lovely customer Karen, I’m sure she won’t mind us saying did not feel confident about accessorising her outfit for her daughter’s recent wedding. As soon as she brought her outfit in, owner Liz Devine-Wright knew exactly which of her hatinators would turn her pretty high street suit into a “WOW” outfit befitting her daughter’s special day.
Mother of the bride hats
Karen wears our signature mother of the bride hatinator in soft pink
And the result is that we think she looks a million dollars!  Liz takes into consideration the customer’s outfit, height, colouring and size when advising a mother of the bride or a mother of the groom what to wear, and how to accessorise her outfit. Headwear comes in all shapes and sizes, and so do our customers, but it is appropriate to be aware of the “pecking order” and the unread rules of wedding etiquette…. Guests should not overshadow the main party, and never wear a white dress. As we’ve said so many times, one size does not fit all when it comes to special occasion headwear.  What looks amazing on a brunette size 8 model who’s 5’10” when you’re buying on the internet, may well not suit a size 16 blonde-haired mum who is 5’4” (speaking from experience!)  Also take into account if the wedding is in a church or an hotel – and even how tall your partner is! And while Liz is always happy to advise over the phone or by email, it really is so much better visiting a local store and getting the experience first-hand.
Mother of the bride hats
What a perfect wedding picture!
So, if you’re buying either a high-street outfit, or a bespoke special occasion outfit, we can take help you take your look from average to “absolutely amazing!” Just like Karen.