The new blockbuster Barbie film opened to mixed reviews – you either love it or you hate it.  Starring the rather gorgeous Ryan Gosling and the equally gorgeous Margo Robbie, the show is one of the largest grossing movies ever.

Soft berry mother of the bride fascinator
Soft berry pink hatinator

With our love of all things pink, and starring Mr Gosling, we awaited with bated breath.  Alas, not a 5* review from us.  From candy pink and subtle pale rose, to dusky pink to in-your-face fuchsia outfits in ginghams, stripes, polka dots and plain fabrics, Barbie was the fashion leader and role model among her girl gang, but we found the actual story (was there a story??) lost its way.

At Simply Devine, we have a whole pink department featuring rose, hot pink, dusky pink, fuchsia, berry, magenta, baby pink, lipstick pink, pearl pink and our specially created pinks – fuxia polvere, ghiaccio (to match the Ann Balon collection of occasion wear), Needle & Thread pink (to match outfits by the retailer of the same name) and Mary’s pink (a deep dusky pink created for one of our own customers to perfectly match her outfit).

Pink remains an all-time favourite with mothers of the bride or groom, and race goers alike.

It’s worth mentioning that many major companies view colour as very important when choosing colours for logos and signage.  It is said that colour reflects personality, either as the ethos of a business or the personality of the wearer.  You will notice that our own Simply Devine logo includes a pop of pink!

Pink wedding hats
Pink fascinatos
Race day hats
Special occasion small pink hatinator/fascinator with pretty veiling

Pink is the colour of its namesake flower – a paler tint of  a red tone. It was first used as a colour name in the late 17th century. Pink is said to be calming and symbolizes love, nurture, and compassion, representing a loving, kind, and sensitive individual, often with a strong nurturing and sensual side.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful pink hat, hatinator or fascinator as mother of the bride or mother of the groom – we will have one from one of our largest collections to complement your special day outfit. If you’re ordering online and you’re not sure of the shade, send us a bobbin of cotton or a skein of embroidery silk and we can tell you if the headwear you like matches the colour of your outfit.

17851 Hot Pink Fascinator Hatinator