Simply Devine is run by award-winning milliner and businesswoman Liz Devine-Wright (yes that really is her name).

What began as a local shop in the Yorkshire town of Tadcaster, situated within easy access of York, Harrogate and Leeds, has become a popular destination for women with discerning tastes who want a very special hat for when they need to look their absolute best.  Liz supplies hats up and down the country, from Berwick to Berkshire, Land’s End to Lanarkshire, and is happy to arrange special appointments for those customers who either prefer a personal service, or who are unable to visit during normal working hours.

She offers beautiful hats, hatinators (not quite a full hat and sits on a band) and fascinators from well-known British designers, but also welcomes original creations from talented milliners who are just starting their careers.

With such a huge choice of designs, colours, styles and prices, there is something to suit every taste and budget for any occasion.

And her range doesn’t stop there; Simply Devine also stocks a huge range of accessories from handbags to jewellery to pashminas to bridal tiaras – to complement your special outfit.

The Hatmobile

Liz is an enthusiastic networker, loves to visit friends and family, travels to fashion shows, and is always on the lookout for interesting and innovative stock, so you may have seen her zooming around the country in her Hatmobile.

She has even been known to personally deliver hats to different parts of the country – if she is passing nearby on her way to somewhere else! She has just taken delivery of a new Mini Countryman with Simply Devine livery and a personalised number plate SD11 HAT (of course!) So look out for her and give her a wave if you happen to see her passing.